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Was Hitler inspired by Darwin?

Theists like to claim that Hitler was an atheist, and that he was inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution. In one convenient swoop, they can thus lay the deaths of tens of millions of people on the doorstep of atheism … Continue reading

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Düsseldorf City Hall refuses to rehabilitate women burned as witches

The last witch trial in Western Germany took place in Gerresheim in 1738, which has been incorporated into Düsseldorf as a district. Two women, Helena Curtens, 16, and Agnes Olmans, 47, were burned at the stake. The City Council was … Continue reading

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Church privileges in Austria

The situation of church privileges in Germany is complex, as it is different in each state. In Austria, that might be easier. I have come across a website from a protest movement listing the various privileges the Roman Catholic Church enjoys in … Continue reading

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German church privileges, lampooned

The heute show is a satirical news show on German television, trying to be the German answer to the Daily Show, airing every Friday for half an hour. The last show of course also talked about the papal visit to … Continue reading

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How many Germans believe in life after death?

Since I took it up in my previous post, I went back to have a closer look at this study from 2009. I still remember the headlines two years ago: “2/3 of Germans believe in life after death and so … Continue reading

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The highest-ranking German Catholic explains why he believes in God

Kid reporters interview Archbishop of Freiburg. Ignoring for a moment that I don’t get that the media keeps giving those people a forum, this is what the highest representative of the Catholic Church in Germany came up with when asked … Continue reading

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