The highest-ranking German Catholic explains why he believes in God

Kid reporters interview Archbishop of Freiburg. Ignoring for a moment that I don’t get that the media keeps giving those people a forum, this is what the highest representative of the Catholic Church in Germany came up with when asked if God exists.

Dein SPIEGEL: How do you actually know God exists?

Robert Zollitsch: I grew up in a Catholic family, God was always a part of my life. I talk to him about everything: when I’m happy about something, but also when I’m angry. In those moments I realise that God loves and gives me peace and strength.

Granted, he is talking to children, but this is all about emotional appeal, and what your parents told you, and ZERO about proving the existence of God. Pathetic if you ask me.

At another question he says that people who have never known God, but have done good in their lives, will go to heaven too. Oh so generous of him… Totally ignoring the fact that even according to a conservative think tank, 1/3 of Germans do not even believe in the existence of heaven. Why would they go to a place they don’t think exists?

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