Quantum entanglement professor speaks out against wooists misusing his name

There is a professor of psychology called Harald Walach at the Viadrina University in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany, who has developed a “weak quantum entanglement” theory which is supposed to account for homoepathy. The claim is similar to how particles can share the same quantum states in quantum entanglement, that substances and the effects they cause (in a human body for instance) can become entangled as well (thus explaining how the dilution process in homeopathy works), and as well as pathogens and its symptoms can come to be entangled as well. (There is a post on Scienceblogs about quantum entanglement in homeopathy)

Now the interesting thing that supporters of homeopathy quote-mine the physicist whose name due to his crucial experiments of it is commonly associated with quantum entanglement , Anton Zeilinger from the University of Vienna, to make it appear as though Prof. Zeilinger supported the quantum entanglement homeopathy nonsense.

The awesome thing is that two days ago, one of the most important newspapers in Germany had a report about this quoting Zeilinger:

  • “Dass ein Bezug zwischen meiner Arbeit und der Homöopathie hergestellt wird, ist wissenschaftlich unbegründet”, sagte Zeilinger Süddeutsche.de. “Ich bedaure es sehr, dass mein Name damit in Verbindung gebracht wird.”
    (“It is unfounded scientifically to connect my work with homeopathy”, said Zeilinger to Süddeutsche.de “I regret it very much that my name has been associated with this”)
  • Dafür, dass ein Wirkstoff Informationen in einer Lösung hinterlässt, in der er selbst nicht mehr enthalten ist, “gibt es keinerlei wissenschaftliche Beweise”, erklärt der Physiker. “Homöopathie ist in meinen Augen ein reiner Placeboeffekt.” Auch von der sogenannten Quantenmedizin hält er nichts. “Das ist ein schwammiger, spekulativer Begriff, nicht die Bezeichnung eines wissenschaftlichen Gebietes.”
    (“There is absolutely no scientific evidence” that a substance leaves behind information in a solution in which it is no longer present, the physicist explained. “Homeopathy in my opinion is a pure placebo effect.” He also does not approve of the so-called quantum medicine. “That is a vague, speculative notion, not the designation of a scientific field.”)

The same report also mentions a professor of medicine who did a meta-study which was also misquoted, though he doesn’t completely rule out that homeopathy could be different from placebos.

We need more news like that, especially from the country that gave us homeopathy….

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2 Responses to Quantum entanglement professor speaks out against wooists misusing his name

  1. alex says:

    Thanks for posting. It’s refreshing (and all too rare) to see a scientist calling out the quacks who distort his/her scientific work to promote their agendas.

    • pelamun says:

      Sorry, I had been away from blogging temporarily.

      Yes, I do see wooism as the bigger threat to rationalism in Europe, than religion.

      When I find the time, I would like to take a closer look at how some health care systems in Europe make allowances for wooist therapies like acupuncture, homoepathy etc.

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