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Influence of established religion still going strong in Germany

This week, Peer Steinbrück, the prospective challenger of Chancellor Angela Merkel, announced that he had re-joined the Lutheran Church he had quit at the age of 18 years. So let’s take this as an opportunity to look at the influence of … Continue reading

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German court rules church tax opt-out ruled equivalent to leaving

In Germany religious communities which have been recognised as statutory corporations by the state can have the state’s tax authorities collect a religious tax from their members, which is usually an amount equivalent to 8-9% of the income tax owed … Continue reading

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Civil union partnerships now equal to marriages in Germany

German civil union partnerships are now de facto equal to marriages. The biggest complaint of the German LGBT movement about the civil union partnerships was that it didn’t have the same tax rules as for married couples, not allowing for a joint … Continue reading

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German Lutheran Church monies paid out to Congolese militia accused of genocide

The German Lutheran Church is up in arms about a press report by a left-leaning newspaper, citing a UN report that $5,000 ended up in the hands of the Hutu militia FDLR currently operating in Congo. The FDLR includes members … Continue reading

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Marietta Slomka for the win!

So the German government commissioned a 764-page study on the lives of young Muslims in Germany. Somebody leaks the study to the populist Bild tabloid paper, and the main thing they seemed to take away from it was that a quarter … Continue reading

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Was Hitler inspired by Darwin?

Theists like to claim that Hitler was an atheist, and that he was inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution. In one convenient swoop, they can thus lay the deaths of tens of millions of people on the doorstep of atheism … Continue reading

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Düsseldorf City Hall refuses to rehabilitate women burned as witches

The last witch trial in Western Germany took place in Gerresheim in 1738, which has been incorporated into Düsseldorf as a district. Two women, Helena Curtens, 16, and Agnes Olmans, 47, were burned at the stake. The City Council was … Continue reading

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