Call the angel hotline – for 80 Euro cents

The Catholic Cathedral of Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, is known for its quirky angel statues. In April 2011, it installed a statue of an angel talking on a cellphone (photo by ackbar 2). A Dutch couple living near the cathedral then opened a Twitter account for the angel, and finally set up a phone line so people could call the angel. The New York Times reported on this three days ago, but it seems the story now has taken an all too familiar twist.

The Dutch couple were not charging extra for people calling the angel, and personally answered the calls, shall we say in lieu of the angel. The Catholic Church was not happy about strangers “profiting” from its angel statue, so what do they do? Naturally, they set up their own call line, this one however charges you 80 Euro cents for every call, and no live person answers the calls, just a tape recording.

We would have expected no less from the Roman Catholic Church.

(SourceHat tip)

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